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Food for Thought is a joint effort from several institutions in Bali’s Food and Beverages industry. Initiated by Will Meyrick, the founding chef of Sarong Group, the program involves well established restaurants including Sarong, Mama San, Hujan Locale, Tiger Palm, Metis and is supported by restaurant suppliers and local brands like Indowines.   

The program concept arose  from the recognition that tourism in Bali, one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations has unfortunately not shared the positive impact evenly throughout the island. There are many families in the remote rural communities who live in poverty with little or no recourse to income. Food for Thought aims to build the pathway for disadvantaged Balinese young adults, toward higher education and better employment opportunities in the F&B Industry. Will Meyrick the Street Food Chef believes that food does not recognise discrimination, therefore the F&B industry is the perfect vehicle toward the goals.

Collaborating with Bali Children Foundation which has been providing primary, secondary and tertiary scholarships to children in over 44 communities, Sarong Group and its partners send the children to well regarded universities, cover their educational expenses and employ them in the restaurants as part timers so they can earn some income to support their selves. After their higher education, the trainees work full time and hoped to bring a change into their families and communities. 

Food for Thought seeks to partner with any organisation in Bali’s Food and Beverage industry which share the same vision. Contact info@foodforthoughtbali.com for further information. 

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What They Say
  • Angga is a very confident, good looking young man. He was someone that knew what he was doing and where he was going.
    When asked about his family, “I live with my mother and father. I am an only child,” he said. “When I was 14, I was going to leave school because we were poor. I hoped that I might get a job in a shop or something like that. But I was lucky and got a scholarship from Bali Children Foundation (BCF). I was sponsored from when I was in year 8 of Junior High School in Banjar.” After graduating from high school, BCF also supported his tertiary education. Angga has now finished his one year university course in Hospitality at Monarch University and completed an internship under Will Meyrick at Sarong through the group’s program Food for Thought.
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  • Friendly and cheerful, Ratna is always ready to smile and humbly greets the guests who enter the door of Mama San. Fluently she answers all questions about the daily specials and any menu item on the list. When asked about her job, she answered “I like my job. I like it when the guests leave the restaurant with smiles on their faces.”
    Her life today is a real contrast to her childhood where she grew up in a small village in the North of Bali. “My parents are both farm labourers. I lived with my parents and three sisters in a small house in the middle of the rice field owned by a landlord. I used to think that dropping out of school was inevitable.”
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  • Despite being born and raised in a small village, Puspa has never been afraid to communicate in English. She used to be one of the best students in Perampas’ English in the Village (EITV), a program by Bali Children Foundation (BCF) which provides free English classes for the village’s children. She made sure to transfer her enthusiasm in learning English to the younger students when she was a teacher assistant in EITV Dencarik.
    Puspa is one of the recipients of BCF’s tertiary scholarship in cooperation with Sarong Group’s Food for Thought program. “My parents could not afford to send me to university. They are farm labourers. I have an older brother, currently helping out in our village, and a younger sister who was born disabled. Without BCF and Food for Thought, I would not have such a precious opportunity”
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  • Many bright students in Bali have to struggle each day just to go to school and reach their full potential because of poor economic conditions. Ayu was one of them. “My father is a taxi bike driver. Every day he goes around on his old motorbike to find passengers willing to use his service. His job can only provide us with enough food to live from day to day. My mom helps him by working as a labourer.” Deep in her mind, she was always sure there would be a way to live better.
    Ayu’s fate was changed when she was registered as one of BCF’s students in 2009. At the time, she was a 10th grade student in a vocational high school in Northern Bali. Besides her school fees, BCF also provided English and Computer classes. Both classes helped her to excel in school.
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Bali Children Foundation

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